Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an editor developed by Adobe Systems. It is considered a companion product of Adobe Photoshop, even though the two programs are aimed towards slightly different areas. Illustrator’s main focus is logotypes and typesetting; it can be used for anything that doesn’t involved a photo. Another difference from Photoshop is that Illustrator is based on vector graphics. One advantage of vector graphics in Illustrator is that it can be used to create images that are small in file size, but can be resized to any dimension while still maintaining print quality.

The program was first developed for Apple in 1986. The first years (and versions) were all developed for Apple and Macintosh, but in 1989 the first version for Windows was out on the market. Recently, the sixteenth version of Illustrator was released.
Illustrator is mostly used my digital artists and graphic designers worldwide.